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UK: Pakistani Christian beaten by Muslims over displaying cross and poppies in his car…….

This is the kind of immigrant that poses no problem to British society, those who brutalized him however…

This is the equivalent of Marxists in the UK during the Cold War, beating the crap out of a Soviet dissident for having an economics book by Hayek and the Union Jack in his car.

Pakistani Christian ‘is knocked out and left with a broken nose by a gang of “Muslims” in Derbyshire who attacked him for displaying a cross and poppies on his car’

  • Tajamal Amar had his nose broken and was knocked out during a brutal attack
  • He believes he was targeted by Muslims because of the poppies on his car 
  • The 46-year-old wants to leave his Derby home because he does not feel safe
  • He fled his native Pakistan after being shot by Muslims as he refused to convert 


A Christian of Pakistani origin claims he had his nose broken by a gang of Muslims who attacked him for displaying a cross and poppies on his car.


Tajamal Amar, 46, who fled Pakistan to escape violence, also suffered several lacerations to the head and body after being knocked out cold outside a fast food restaurant.


The food delivery driver believes that a group of Muslims were responsible for the assault outside the Red Chilli restaurant in Littleover, Derbyshire, on October 20.


He claimed that the men had taken offence as he proudly displayed two large poppies on his silver Toyota, which also had a cross dangling from the rear-view mirror.


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