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The Center for Security Policy’s interim Executive Vice President, Christopher C. Hull, Ph.D, spoke at a panel co-sponsored by the US-Italy Global Affairs Forum and the Center for Transatlantic Relations at the Johns Hopkins’ School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) on Thursday, October 19.  The panel, entitled “United Europe: Broken?” explored the question, “After Brexit, German and Austrian elections, the Catalan crisis and forthcoming referenda in North of Italy, is the Old Continent splitting apart (again)?”  Below are Dr. Hull’s notes for the forum as well as his presentation.

CSP Chris Hull on Hijra and Cultural Marxism at OSCE plenary meeting in Warsaw…


Why Europe is Breaking

United Europe: Broken?

Chris Hull

After Brexit, German and Austrian elections, the Catalan crisis and forthcoming referenda in North of Italy, is the Old Continent splitting apart (again)?

Yes, it’s breaking, for three endogenous reasons and one exogenous reason.


  1. “Hijrah”
    1. Original Hijrah from Mecca to Medina: 622
    2. According to Mission Islam, Hijrah is defined as “migration for the sake of Allah”
    3. By 2000, immigrants to Germany had reached 3.5 million, mostly from Turkey
    4. According a piece in The Atlantic, in the “first seven months of 2015, Germany reportedly received well over 200,000 applications for asylum”
    5. In September, 2015, Angela Merkel’s government announced it could accept 500,000 immigrants/year.
    6. As a result, that year Europe saw 3 million “refugees,” a very large proportion of which were actually illegal immigrants
    7. Austria – One commentator wrote that
      1. “Campaigning before the parliamentary elections focused on migration, notably the 2015 migration crisis that polarized European politics.
      2. “That year, Austria was used as a gateway for nearly 900,000 migrants making their way to Germany.
      3. “It also received more than 68,000 application for asylum in 2015, one of the highest proportions on the continent compared to the population…
      4. “Kurz’s ÖVP promised to prevent a repeat of 2015’s wave of migration and cut access to social welfare benefits for newcomers for at least five years.”
  1. “Cultural Marxism”
    1. Origin of term
    2. Link to Political Correctness
    3. OSCE “Human Dimension Implementation Meeting” (HDIM) story
      1. the OSCE Charter on Preventing and Combatting Terrorism, agreed upon in 2002 in Porto, Portugal, “Firmly reject[s] identification of terrorism with any nationality or religion.
      2. ODIHR staff echoed this Porto statement three times in personal conversations with me – in spite of 31,805 attacks by Islamic terrorists, honor killings or Sharia executions just since 9/11, in which literally thousands of times terrorists identified their terrorism with the religion of Islam.
      3. By the way, you might also have to chalk up the 3,323 deaths in the conflict in Northern Ireland to hate incidents, in spite of the cold, hard fact that it pitted Catholics against Protestants – and is frequently cited by Christianity’s critics and Sharia’s apologists as a result.
      4. Austria is a case in point. I attended the meeting as part of a team led by Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, an Austrian prosecuted under an actual blasphemy law for, at a private event, characterizing Mohammed as a “pedophile” for having taken a six-year-old girl as a wife and then consummating the marriage when she was nine.
      5. She aired the case of Michael Stürzenberger, a German journalist recently sentenced to six months in prison for posting a historical photo of a Nazi officer shaking hands with the then-Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, arguing it was evidence that Islam was “fascist.” She argued that “It is a perversion of tolerance when it is used as an excuse for censoring views which are deemed offensive.”
      6. In response to our appeals, over and over the ODIHR Moderator “reminded” us of OSCE countries’ commitments with respect to tolerance and non-discrimination.
      7. ODIHR Director Ingibjörg Sólrún Gísladóttir of Iceland herself
      8. Director Gísladóttir went further, decrying that meeting participants “unfortunately witnessed discourse which does not belong in a forum set on how we can further tolerance…In fact,” she said, “it does not belong anywhere.” [Emphasis added.]
      9. Likewise, Ambassador Florian Raunig, head of the Taskforce of the Austrian OSCE Chairmanship, scolded us for daring to tell the truth about the link between Sharia and terrorist violence. Without irony, he decried our statements “which were not aimed to preserve our OSCE principles and unanimously adopted commitments on human rights and fundamental freedoms.”
      10. Three times ODIHR staff, once including newly minted ODIHR Director Ingibjörg Sólrún Gísladóttir of Iceland, politely shut down private conversations with me mid-sentence rather than delve into actual arguments on the conflict between OSCE’s founding principles and Jihad and Sharia.
      11. The London Tube Jihadi attack took place literally during the meeting – and generated not a single mention.
      12. The bottom line is this: To use OSCE commitments as an excuse to shut down fundamental freedoms, to which Copenhagen refers 21 times, including especially free expression, to which it explicitly refers twice, in order to protect advocates of Sharia, which the ECHR has held is incompatible with democracy, is a travesty that will cost human lives, and potentially shatter the foundations of European civilization in the process.

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