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Brit who fought against ISIS says don’t let jihadis return, ”like inviting the wolf to dinner”…….

It’s embarrassing as hell to know that in this day and age that advice actually has to be given…


I’ve got a great solution, coordinate with Pres.Trump with getting GITMO back online, and help fund keeping these bastards there, until hostilities are finally over (which is never), or simply hand them to the regimes no back in control over the areas these jihadis were operating in. Simple.


‘Don’t let jihadis back in the UK’ warns Briton who battled ISIS

LETTING Islamic State jihadis return to the UK is like “inviting the wolf to dinner”, a Briton fighting against the murderous group has warned.

Having battled the extremists for the past three years alongside Syrian Democratic Forces, Macer Gifford said there was a “real risk” those returning could carry out terror attacks.


Earlier this month Max Hill QC spoke of “losing a generation” by automatically using the courts to punish those who have travelled to the war zone.


The terrorism legislation watchdog also called for a focus on “reintegration”.


But Mr Gifford, 30, from Cambridge, has issued a plea to the Government to sit up and listen as he believes it is not possible for former IS fighters to return and be reformed.


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