Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Sports

In Abu Dhabi doo: Israeli athlete forced to sing own national anthem after organizer refuse to play it or show Israeli flag…….

And the hypocritical rich and famous (noted Leftists and Hollywood like-ilk) flood Abu Dhabi all year round…


Israeli Judo Champion Wins Gold In Abu Dhabi, Which Won’t Acknowledge Israel. So He Sings Israeli National Anthem Himself.

When Tal Flicker, the Israeli judo champion, won the gold medal in Abu Dhabi, which refused to play the Israeli national anthem or display the flag of Israel, and played the theme of the International Judo Federation instead, he decided he would protest in the only way left to him: he quietly sang the Israeli national anthem himself.


The International Judo Federation had already demonstrated outright anti-Semitism by not allowing Israeli athletes to compete as members of their own country:


More here.

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