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‘Finns’ fighting ISIS…….who are they?

Well at least they’re fighting ISIS, but then again, that doesn’t tell me whether or not they’re Shiites, and/or possibly very sharia compliant (read Islam 101’ers).


That they’re anonymous is an issue all by itself.


ISIS battle


The fight against ISIS has progressed in recent months, and foreign volunteer fighters have been a small but significant part of the battle. Finns have been involved, and Helsingin Sanomat carries an interview with two of them on Friday.


The pair are fighting with the Kurdish YPG units, like most international volunteers, and they recently left the newly-liberated Raqqa. Bagok Kullervo and Ariel Shervan (not their real names) say their 25-strong unit emerged largely unscathed from the battle for Raqqa, with just three wounded and no soldiers killed.


The Finns explain that, during the battle to seize the ISIS capital, they were saved by the unlikely figure of a cat crossing the street to greet ISIS fighters who were waiting to ambush the YPG soldiers.


ISIS is a busted flush, according to Kullervo and Shervan, with most of the previously dominant jihadi group fleeing the advance of anti-ISIS forces rather than staying to fight. Kullervo says he misses Finland a little, and if he does return soon he’ll take it easy for a while before completing his studies in literature.



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