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UK: 425 returned jihadis and 400 still on the loose…….


The lost jihadis: 425 returned ISIS fighters are on the loose in Britain and another 400 are still at large amid fears women and children could be used in attacks

  • New report today said Britain has more returnees from Syria than most nations 
  • Only Turkey, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia have more former fighters coming home 
  • Around 425 are back in Britain compared to 300 in Germany and 271 in France  


Britain is home to more jihadis who have returned from Syria than almost all other countries, a new report reveals today.


Only Turkey, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia are home to more people who travelled to fight for ISIS than the UK.


Around 850 Britons travelled to the Middle East to take part in the war and around half are thought to be back in the UK – meaning more than 400 are still at large.


The figure is higher than the 300 returnees to Germany and 271 to France.


The report warns there has also been a surge in the number of women involved in attacks – with nearly a quarter of terror plots in Europe from the start of 2017 to May involving women.


In other developments, the independent reviewer of terror laws Max Hill warned the Government against ‘criminalising thought’ with a raft of new terror laws as promised in the Tory manifesto.

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