Lying Muslims Moderate? Robert Spencer Saudi Arabia

Robert Spencer on recent Saudi declaration of ”return to moderate Islam”:…….Nuts

The Saudi PR move is nothing more than a way to box in Iran by assuaging Western leaders yearning for any semblance of supposed moderation for Islam, but it’s all talk, otherwise it can never be Islam.

Another sobering piece of information: more citizens of Saudi Arabia have joined the Islamic State than from any other country. Saudi Arabia has been at the forefront of global jihad initiatives, further belying its smooth public relations campaign and attempt to appear “moderate” in the Western media. For more information about what Saudi Arabia has really been up to, click here.

Saudi Crown Prince: Saudi Arabia will “return” to “moderate Islam”

Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman has vowed to restore “moderate” Islam that is open to all religions in the world.

In his own words:

“We are returning to what we were before – a country of moderate Islam that is open to all religions and to the world…….We will end extremism very soon.”


Does this mean that Saudi Arabia will issue an open declaration, decree or fatwa that there are to be no more death penalties for atheism and apostasy in the kingdom?


The reason for this deceptive manipulation is to shore up “respect” for the Saudi regime in the West, and to expand Saudi Arabia’s regional hegemony as the kingdom maneuvers against its primary foe, Iran. The Crown Prince said that the primary objective of the “Iranian regime is to reach the focal point of Muslims [Mecca] and we will not wait until the fight is inside Saudi Arabia and we will work so that the battle is on their side, inside Iran, not in Saudi Arabia.”


Saudi Arabia has been “America’s closest Arab ally in the Middle East,” and has received “massive U.S. military aid and has long influenced American foreign policy….An added bonus for the Saudis has been America’s estrangement from Iran since the 1979 revolution.”


To further demonstrate the absurdity of the Crown Prince’s intellectually insulting declaration that Saudi Arabia is a “moderate” state, consider that Saudi Arabian officials recently arrested 27 Christians — among them several women and children — for the crime of “conducting Christian prayers” and being “in possession of Bibles.”


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  1. Of course it’s “nuts!”

    It’s like this story by the BBC of how moderate Saudi Arabia was for issuing a tongue-in-cheek prohibition on murdering Westerners. (sorry I can’t find the link offhand) It’s also no more believable than this one where they “condemn terrorism.”

    Any country that pays “palestinian” Arabs to kill Jew and supports the destruction of the free world, has no moral credibility.

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