Austria: FPÖ agrees to talks with ÖVP in joining their coalition government…….

Funny how it is that the EU, founded by Marxists, is never has that history noted nor ever referred to as Far-Left… (consistency)…


Multiple party coalitions are actually the death knell to governance in general. It should actually be, the party that gains the most votes, runs the government in full, not coalitions. That way the voter can properly give either accolades or blame based on that party’s policies and performance. Ruling by consensus driven politics dulls positions and policies, turning platforms into gray mush. People need clear party lines.


Far right accepts invitation to join Austrian coalition talks


Austria’s far-right FPÖ party on Tuesday agreed to enter talks on forming a coalition government with incoming chancellor Sebastian Kurz, offering a fresh boost to populist parties in Europe.

The conservative chancellor, 31, invited the FPÖ (Freedom Party) for talks, paving the way for the party to return to power nearly two decades after it last entered government in 2000.


“We have accepted this invitation,” said FPÖ leader Heinz-Christian Strache. His party came third in elections on October 15th.


The last time the FPÖ entered government Austria was ostracised in Europe. Its then leader Joerg Haider praised Hitler’s “orderly” employment policies.


But such a backlash is not expected this time. The FPÖ — founded by ex-Nazis after World War II — has sought to soften its image.


Its recent rise has mirrored that of other populist parties in Europe.


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