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Finnish Interior Minister invites Tariq Ramadan, (accused of rape) to Helsinki panel discussion on Islam/radicalization prevention…….


UPDATE: Helsinki University in a tweet to the TT now says that they’re reviewing their decision on inviting Tariq Ramadan to speak at the Helsinki event.



Somehow the name of Ramadan and the “prevention of radicalization” shouldn’t belong in the same sentence, unless the former is already serving a sentence for radicalization.


What I also find interesting is the woman in charge of inviting the Muslim Brotherhood, She more than likely considers herself a feminist of sorts, how does she square that round peg of inviting someone with the cloud of rape hanging over his head to speak on ‘radicalization’? Besides, we’re already swimming up to our eyeballs with Muslim Brotherhood types here in Finland, we’re totally subverted by them, and this proves it once again.


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Tarja Mankkinen, Head of Development, Police Department, Ministry of the Interior. Prevention of violent radicalization, extremism and polarization, invites Muslim Brotherhood serial liar and propagandist, Tariq Ramadan, to Helsinki to lecture in an event titled: 


What does Islam have to offer in prevention of radicalization?


Tariq Ramadan


— Islam, radicalization and jihadism are presently on the agenda today. But what is ultimately known about them and where are the limits of tolerance? The topic is being discussed by international and national top experts, Tariq Ramadan, Thomas Bouvatier, Tarja Mankkinen and Hussein al-Taee.




There is a debate on what is the root cause of radicalization and what kind of means of combating it exists. What about the possibilities of the religious dialogue and what is the role of Islam in preventing radicalization?


Come and listen to the top experts in the field at the University of Helsinki’s Faculty of Science on Friday 10 November. 14-16 (Yliopistonkatu 4, Helsinki). There is free access to the event.


On the panel discussing:


  • Islamic Studies Professor Tariq Ramadan ( @TariqRamadan ) from Oxford University. Ramadan is an internationally highly respected Islamic expert whose writings and speeches have dealt with the position of Muslims in the West and the rise of Islam in Muslim countries. In his most recent book, Islam: The Essentials Ramadan describes the aims of Islam, rituals, diversity and evolution.
  • Development Manager Tarja Mankkinen ( @TarjaMankkinen ) from the Interior Ministry’s Police Department. Mankkinen leads projects aimed at combating and preventing violent radicalization, extremism and polarization in Finland.
  • expert Hussein al-Taee ( @Hussein_al_Taee ), a conflict resolution organization from CMI. Al-Taee leads the organization’s Iraq work, which aims to improve the conditions for peace in the country.
  • psychoanalyst Thomas Bouvatier ( @thomasbouvatier ). Bouvatier is an expert on radicalization. He has set up an organization in France to train officials and social workers, for example, in preventing radicalization and jihadism. In March, Bouvatier’s work on radicalization Petit manuel de contre- radicalisations was published .


Vice President Virpi Mäkinen and Doctoral Adviser Anna-Liisa Tolonen ( Reason and Religious Recognition) , the University of Helsinki, Faculty of Theology, will co-chair the event.


The event is organized by the Academy of Finland’s Research Center for Reason and Religious Recognition (University of Helsinki, Faculty of Theology) and the ERC Research Project Knowledge in Post-Avicenna Islamic Philosophy (University of Jyväskylä).

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