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Finland: Secular Kurd causes stir on Facebook, wants Islam criticized

He’s way off on some issues, but he is pretty good as far as Leftists go in singling out Islam for criticism… 


Yes, he believes in ‘reforming Islam’, but I don’t hold that against him, so does Ayaan Hirsi Ali and I’m not going to throw her under the bus, her position just leaves ample space for more debate. Like I’ve said before, Muslims have the benefit of hindsight, they know where any ‘reformation’ will lead. We know however that that since the koran is immutable, ijtihad (interpretation) has been sealed for over 1000 years, as well as the sharia punishment (death) for those who create mischief in the land, Islam has been more than able to withstand any kind of attempted sustained level of criticism. The dissenters usually end up severely marginalized or dead.


Anter Yaşa’s Facebook posting in Helsinki caused a stir


One year ago, Anter Yaşan, on Facebook, began to unravel the cracks that led to the investigation of the admired Syrian “toy carrier” Rami Adham in the international media. Yaşa, the founder of the Facebook group, Finnish Secular Immigrants, is a figure who conjures hatred and admiration, whose online writing destroyed his political career in the Sdp.




Yaşa has set up a Finnish Immigrants Group in Finland with more than a thousand members. Most of the members are Finns. Group members combine a tiredness with the culture of political correctness, and a critical debate on immigration, asylum policy, Islamism, Islam, President Erdoğan Turkey and the media’s points of view.


“I participated in this year’s Helsinki Pride, carrying a sign which read Gay Muhammed. The sign took issue with Muhammad’s immunity and homophobia in the Muslim community. Also there was the Right to Live (Oikeus elää ) – asylum seekers, and they made me signs of slitting my throat. So-called tolerant blamed provocation. ”

Yaşa’s voice rises.

“It doesn’t make any sense that groups coming from countries where gays are thrown from the roofs then make signs of throat slitting in a rally designed to promote the rights of sexual minorities.”

Yaşan thinks that guilt is behind it.

“People have a nagging guilt for the destruction of the Middle East, and therefore does not want to criticize Islam. Yes, many people realize that the lives of many people in the Middle East have been crushed by oil, and the western countries are deeply involved in the situation. ”


ANTER YAŞA was born in 1992 in Diyarbakır, Turkey. He is the only child of the family. Diyarbakır is predominantly Kurdish, and Yaşa’s father supported the Kurdish Kurdistan Workers Party PKK. Dad is chemistry professor.

NATO, Turkey, the United States and the EU consider the PKK as a terrorist organization because it has been armed struggle against the state of Turkey and thousands of civilians have died. The PKK’s ideology has, however, changed very much since its inception.




According to Yaşa, he does not say that people should not be religious.

“But I definitely think that Islam must develop. Christianity has undergone a reformation, and the same thing must happen to Islam. I am first and foremost reformist for Islam. At present, the Qur’an is the unchangeable word of God, which cannot be changed. The Qur’an is read literally and is the path to fundamentalism. I want Muslims to travel from that darkness. ”


One of Yaşa’s most widely used words is” virtue signaling “. It is about the person emphasizing their own values ​​and morals in order to look as good as possible in other people’s eyes.

“For example, the positions of anti-racism types are sometimes quite brain-dead. They are not based on anything other than trying to tell others that ‘we are so good’. For the same reason you have to be able to say to these black and white types that you are behaving badly. ”



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