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Daniel Greenfield: American soldiers died in Niger because of Obama…….

It’s always about not offending Islam, and our soldiers are placed in untenable situations…


Putting soldiers in a war zone without a combat mission so they don’t offend Islamists

Congresswoman Frederica Wilson has come up with a new gimmick for getting invited on CNN. After exploiting the death of one soldier killed in an attack in Niger, she decided that if exploiting one soldier made her famous, exploiting the deaths of all the soldiers would make her even more famous.


Wilson has taken to calling the attack, “Mr. Trump’s Benghazi.” And she’s close. American soldiers died in Niger for the same reasons that Americans died in Benghazi. Both were fallout from the Arab Spring.


It wasn’t President Trump who deployed our soldiers to Niger. That was Obama’s doing.


Congresswoman Wilson complained that they, “didn’t have appropriate weapons where they were” and that “they had trucks that were not armored trucks.”


She is welcome to take up those objections with Obama.


President Trump has been loudly criticized by Democrats for being too aggressive. It wasn’t his policy to have soldiers in Niger without a direct combat role.  It was Obama’s policy to put American soldiers in harm’s way without going on the offensive. And not just in Niger. American soldiers in Iraq and Syria were put in the same strange situation of being deployed in a war zone without a combat mission.


Except to defend themselves.


More here.

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