Pope pontificates: Role of nation state needs rethink…….

Yes, it needs to be embraced once again, injected with values and ideas from the Enlightenment period steeped in sound philosophy….


But what he wants is big statist supranational government to corral and mold the people into sheeple.


Pope Francis: Humanity Must ‘Rethink’ Role of Nation-State in Globalized World

Since globalization has “deeply altered the previous international order,” Pope Francis said Friday, humanity must rethink “the figure and the role of the nation-state” in this new world order.



“The State cannot be conceived of as the sole and exclusive guardian of the common good,” the Pope told participants in a workshop organized by the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, “not allowing intermediate bodies of civil society to express, in freedom, their full potential.”


“This would this be a violation of the principle of subsidiarity which, combined with that of solidarity, constitutes a cornerstone of the social doctrine of the Church,” he said.


“The challenge here,” Francis added, “is how to bring individual rights into accord with the common good.”


“I think the position of civil society is to ‘pull’ the State and the market forward so they will rethink their raison-d’être and their way of working,” he said.


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