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Sweden: Threats against police and prosecutors on the rise…….

If they feel threatened, how do you think the rest of the Swedish population feels, especially females?


None of this happens within a bubble, this is ALL self inflicted.


Threats against Swedish police and prosecutors on the rise

After a southern Swedish police station was damaged in a blast on Wednesday, police officers have said threats against them are becoming increasingly common.

Early on Wednesday morning, the entrance to the police station in Helsingborg was destroyed in an explosion which Minister of Justice Morgan Johansson said was “a serious attack on the judiciary”.


Back in June, the Swedish Police Union presented a report suggesting that Swedish policemen have been increasingly targeted in violent acts.


“Unfortunately, I’m not surprised [about the Helsingborg incident]. We have seen several similar attacks against police stations and cars. We know that threats and violence against police have become more widespread. The police force has become more vulnerable over the past two years,” said Lena Nitz, chairperson of the Swedish Police Union.


More than 2,000 police officers responded to the union’s investigation and 40 percent of them reported that they had been subjected to threats, violence or other undue influence over the past twelve months with the aim of influencing their service.


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