Not just Weinstein, actresses groped, abused in ‘Finnywood’ as well…….

I have no reason to doubt her, but ‘leering’…?


These women dress themselves to BE ‘eye catching’, then complain when they’re looked at? You can’t have it both ways.


Not just Weinstein


The Finnish film industry has been rocked this week by news that, unsurprisingly, it’s not just Harvey Weinstein who uses his power to harass women. Actor-director Heidi Lindén tells Ilta-Sanomat on Thursday that she has herself been harassed and she has also collected stories from more than forty women about their harassment.


They detail incidents where male actors, crew, directors and producers intimidate, grope and leer at women in the entertainment industry. The stories, some of which IS prints, include stories of a director entering a hotel room with his own key in the middle of the night, groping, lewd comments and one incident where a woman said she had to fight her way out of a hotel room.


“A lot of times an interview with a producer or director has been arranged for the daytime, but it’s switched to the evening at some restaurant,” said Lindén. “When you arrive there’s a bottle of red wine on the table and the guy says he lives nearby and that if the work really interests you, then it’d be nice to get to know you better. That’s happened to me too.”


IS asks the actor’s union about the phenomenon, and finds that little of this harassment is reported. The Finnish film industry is small, say union reps, and many actors fear the repercussions if they speak up.

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