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Netherlands: Dutch student attacked by ‘lightly tanned youths’, paralyzed for life…….

So much cultural enrichment going around these days…

The victim stumbled forward another twelve meters. He collapsed near a traffic sign. He was still concious, was intelligible, but also clearly in shock. He had a lot of blood streaming across his throat.

Dutch student (21) paralysed for life. “Lightly tanned youths speaking street-language” shot him “for no reason”

The Dutch Police are soliciting the public for information on a shooting in Groningen. A 21-year-old student had worked in a cinema on the Saturday night of October 14, after which he had gone out with friends. Afterwards, he cycled back home alone. Around 05:00 he drove along the Korreweg, where three “lightly tanned” men called out to him. They asked him if he wanted to drink. The student, who didn’t know the men, politely stopped and told them he didn’t want a drink.


Nobody knows exactly what happened next. The three men surrounded him, he was attacked and suddenly he heard a bang. That turned out to be a gunshot. The student was hit, managed to run away, but was shot at a couple more times while attempting to flee. Medical examination has shown that one of the bullets has paralysed him from the waist down for the rest of his life. In Dutch newspaper Dagblad van het Noorden, an anonymous witness is quoted as saying he heard four shots, in quick succession, after which he saw the gunman run away and get in a Mazda


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