Tunisia: Smugglers offer new routes to Europe for jobless Muslim settlers…….

Politicians in Europe still insist that these Muslim settlers somehow have a moral right to declare whatever they want just to get into our countries and we have the moral obligation to let them in. Nonsense.


Smugglers offer new routes to Europe for jobless Tunisians

OFF THE TUNISIAN COAST (Reuters) – Tunisian smugglers are offering migrants seeking a fresh start in Europe a new route from Africa to Italy.

Thousands have made the dangerous 300 km journey between Libya and the Italian island of Lampedusa this year and hundreds more are thought to have died trying to crossing the Mediterranean Sea to reach European shores.

A crackdown by the Libyan coastguard in August has forced migrants and smugglers to find alternatives, giving Tunisians an opportunity to sell spots on overcrowded boats between the Gulf of Tunis and Sicily.

The number of migrants trying to make the trip, which can be as short as 150 km, has jumped in the last month while fewer are leaving from Libya.

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