Finland Muslim Criminality MUSLIM SETTLERS

Team of Somali/Muslim thugs rob celebrating guests at island fortress event in Helsinki’s harbor…….

Suomenlinna is an old fortress at the mouth of the Helsinki harbor…

I myself have visited it twice, once as a tourist, and another time as guest to an embassy event held there a few years ago. It’s an often used site for  celebrating big events, because of its huge banquet halls and facilities.


Univited guests stole property from a number of people celebrating at Suomenlinna – recorded video taken by guests

A number of unwanted guests arrived at a private party orgnaized at PIRUNKIRKKO’s Great Hall of Helsinki, Suomenlinna (Finnish harbor fortress), which are suspected to have stolen from multiple people on the premises.
The thieves according to police, stole wallets, smartphones, bags, laptops and winter coats.

Seven reports were filed with the police on Wednesday in connection with Sunday events. Six cases are being investigated by the police as theft, one as robbery.

“Minor violence was used in connection with the robbery, despite the fact that the victim had taken his wallet out of the jacket,” says Petri Juvonen , the chief investigative commission member at the Helsinki Police Department AT THE PIRUNKIRKKO HALL.

According to Juvonen, on Sunday evening, a large number of people around 18 years old were celebrating at PIRUNKIRKO HALL. A little after eleven o’clock, uninvited guests arrived at the party.

Eyewitnesses have told the police that there were a total of five. All were men.

OF THE FOUR SUSPECTS , according to the information told police, they looked like they were Somalis. One of these men had dreadlocks that were white at the roots.

The fifth suspect is described as “possibly Middle East”. According to eyewitnesses, this man had a big gold-colored jewel on his neck with diamond-like stones.

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  1. You must learn from sweden that is not PC to call race and color of the perpetrator .
    They are now” finnished ” and must be called but finns

  2. How do these POS’s get away w/ all the crime they are committing…Its NOT RACIST TO LOCK SOMEONE UP AFTER THEY STEAL OR FIGHT, OR RAPE OR MURDER! WTF? I don’t understand why Europe is doing this to itself they are RUINING EUROPE!!!!!!!

  3. What is happening in Europe for the last generation has no precedent in human history anywhere on earth.
    This is the first unopposed capitulation of a civilization to foreign invasion in history.
    Invaders are not simply admitted unopposed, but are sent to the head of the line for social services and welfare.
    This cultural Marxism started in Saudi-funded social science departments of Western universities in the 1960s, spread to the political elite, then was force-fed to schoolchildren by dramatic changes to primary and secondary school curriculum.
    Now an entire generation of Europeans sincerely believe their civilization has no more to offer the world than Somalia.
    Brainwashing works.
    The people of North Korea are free thinkers compared to contemporary Europeans.

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