France: 10 Far-Right (racist socialists) activists arrested in plot to murder politicians, target Islamic beachheads…….


France: Far-right militants held over terror plot to attack ‘politicians and mosques’

France: Far-right militants held over terror plot to attack 'politicians and mosques'
A recent meeting of “royalist” far right group Action Française Provence in Marseille. Photo: Action Francaise Provence/Twitter
Ten people linked to a far-right extremist group were arrested in France on Tuesday over a suspected plot to target mosques and politicians, including a government spokesman, a source close to the investigation told AFP.

The arrests of suspects aged 17-25 were made in the Paris region and southeast France as part of an investigation into far-right activists, the
source said.


The nine men and one woman are suspected of links to 21-year-old Logan Alexandre Nisin, a former militant of the far-right group Action Francaise Provence who was arrested in June, the source said.


One source said the woman arrested Tuesday is Nisin’s mother.


Police investigations had unmasked “intentions to commit violent action” of which the details remained unclear, a judicial source said, but that involved “a place of worship, a politician, a migrant, drug trafficking”.


Another source named the targeted politicians as government spokesman Christophe Castaner and radical left leader Jean-Luc Melenchon.


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