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Denmark: Social Democrat Party electoral committee event in Aarhus had no ethnic Danes…….

This is how you lose a society…


When politics trumps survival of your own society, then these politicians deserve to be labeled as traitors by the citizens that they claim to represent.


H/T: Nicolai Sennels via


Social Democratic Electoral Committee in Aarhus reveals how dependent the party is on Muslim voters.

A video from the Social Democrats voters meeting in Brabrand near Aarhus is full of exotic rhythms and veiled women. Immediately by watching the video it’s seen that no ethnic Danes are present. The video once again states that Social Democrats are highly dependent on Muslim voters.


According to Denmark’s Radio, a 2009 survey showed that 58 percent of Muslim voters residing in Denmark voted for the Social Democrats. Perhaps this can also explain why Social Democrats, as the only party in the parliament, that wanted to retain §266b, of the so-called racism clause, which, inter alia, criminalized burning of Qurans. Without their Muslim voters, the Social Democrats with Helle Thorning-Schmidt might not have won the very close parliamentary elections in 2011 .


Video from the Social Democrats voters meeting in Brabrand is a prelude to the municipal elections on November 21.

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