Denmark Socialism

US: NBC lauds dehumanization of Danes into automatons as a ‘good thing’…….

Ubiquitous government handing out free cheese leads to social happiness…


I do know Danes that are not happy about the system, rejecting that form of government for all the obvious reasons. Tyranny. The Danes as much as the Swedes are still living off of the abundance created during the height of the industrial revolution which was long before the nanny state. One day the ”good times” will come to a crushing end. The laws of economics insists it will.


Hygge: Unlocking Denmark’s Secret to Happiness

Not long ago, Americans’ knowledge of Denmark more or less started with Hamlet and ended with an unpopular cheese-filled pastry.


That has changed since Demark became a global trend-setter with the food phenomenon Noma, its binge-worthy crime dramas “The Killing” and “Borgen,” and a design sense that has everyone coveting blond wood and sheepskins.


So it was only a matter of time before Americans started wondering about another Danish wonder: One of the happiest populations in the world, according to annual surveys by the United Nations, among others.


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