Dhimmitude Islam in the UK Islamization MUSLIM SETTLERS

UK police running defense for sharia (supremacist) compliant Muslims with new ‘BPT’ tolerance initiative…….

Oh, they try and make it sound so warm and fuzzy, but what they actually reveal is their outrageous stupidity…


I infused a dose of reality with this photoshop of mine



It in fact DOES matter what you believe, and there’s little difference between these totalitarian, supremacist, oppressive and utopian ideologies…


Campaign against anti-Muslim hate crime launched across London transport network

Hate crime: The campaign was launched on Monday TfL

A campaign against anti-Muslim hate crime was today launched on London’s buses, trains and Tubes.


Transport for London and the Met Police will hold more than 200 community events to reassure communities that London’s public transport system is safe for everyone.


Officers will encourage reporting of hate crime on visits to the East London Mosque and Stratford bus station as well as on route 25 bus between Whitechapel and Stratford, in support of National Hate Crime Awareness Week.

Between April and June of this year reports of hate crime increased by 25 per cent with 822 cases compared to 655 last year.


Last year, TfL worked with police forces across London to launch Operation Safer Travel for All and the #WeStandTogether campaign, which encouraged victims of hate crime to report it, so action could be taken against offenders.


More here.

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