Czech Republic Fighting Back

Czech ‘Donald Trump’ set to win upcoming elections…….

Sounds good to me.

Czech ‘Donald Trump’ favourite to win this weekend’s election

Babis, a Slovakian born billionaire who runs the anti-establishment ANO party (Action of Dissatisfied Citizens), has previously called for the EU to close its borders and process refugees on Ellis Island-style immigrant detention centres in Tunisia and Turkey. He has also ruled out the Czech Republic joining the Euro if he becomes Prime Minister, saying the currency only “gives Brussels another area for meddling”.

According to an opinion poll conducted by the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University in Prague, ANO is set to win the election with 26.2% of the vote, double that of its nearest rival, the CSSD, who are predicted to win 13.1% of the vote.

Although he wouldn’t class himself as a Eurosceptic, Babis says: “European politicians should seriously ask why the UK is leaving. They are dealing with the wrong issues in pursuing further integration.

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