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Christopher Hull at OAN: “OSCE a political playground not just for the politically correct but for the sharia compliant as well”…….

From Gates of Vienna

For the OSCE, the Gate of Ijtihad Closed in 2002

Sunni Islamic Law is a compendium of rulings that enjoy the consensus of the scholars — that is, the interpretations of the Koran and the sayings of Mohammed that comprise the body of the Sharia, and that were agreed upon by all the major judicial scholars during the classical period of Islam.


The interpretation, or ijtihad, of Islam’s sacred texts by legal scholars ended about a thousand years ago. “The Gate of Ijtihad is closed”, as the saying goes — all that could be learned about Islamic law was discovered by that time, and no further interpretation is allowed. The Sharia is now set in stone. The modern Islamic jurist has only to apply the law in a thorough and rigorous fashion. Innovation, or bid’ah, is not permitted.


As you may remember, during last month’s OSCE conference in Warsaw various Counterjihad activists who read out interventions that criticized Islam were rebuked by the moderators, who said it was the “consensus of the participating States” that such intolerant speech would not be permitted.


The frequently-repeated assertion of “consensus” reminds me of the consensus of the scholars that set Islamic law in stone a thousand years ago.


In her report on OSCE Warsaw, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff noted:


The decreed truth for the OSCE since 2002 has been that its member states strenuously reject identification of terrorism and extremism with a particular religion. Ergo, there is no discussion and the problem is solved — that is why Europe is incapable of putting a stop to the terrorism coming from just one particular group.


So it seems that the Gate of Ijtihad closed for the OSCE in 2002 — a millennium after it did for Islam, but better late than never!

In the video below Christopher Hull, who was a member of the Counterjihad team at OSCE Warsaw last month, appears on Liz Wheeler’s program on OAN to discuss the sharia-compliant behavior of the staff and leadership at the OSCE:

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