Apologist for Islam

Author of book ‘Gander’ which was given favorable review by General Michael Flynn is an Islam apologist…….

Saul M. Montes-Bradley II , a published author living in Virginia, recently took umbrage with a tweet of mine of a post I published on the Tundra Tabloids of a (now) rejected Afghan asylum seeker who molested a 14 y/o girl.


In tweet I received from Saul Montes-Bradley who was responding to a quip I made in the actual post: “Something tells me that he wasn’t too keen learning anything about Christianity, he was just there “to score”.” Montes-Bradly responds with:

To which I replied:


To which Saul replied:



First of all, I was talking about Jesus, not Joshua, and whatever one may say about the violence in the Old Testament (Tanakh), it was descriptive, not proscriptive like the koran (and hadiths) and Jews strove to understand those texts in the light of that age, and haven’t acted upon any of those edicts for over 2000 years. Islam on the other hand enacts similar and even worse acts in the modern age, and have blowhard apologists like Saul Montes-Bradley running defense for them on social media, then blocking you before you have a chance to respond.



Now who’s the idiot here?

UPDATE: Brian of London adds:

“It’s the same problem as always with comparing the Torah to the Koran. Torah is descriptive and of a time and place. There are no direct commands to violence or rape THAT REMAIN ACTIVE TO THIS DAY. If Jews were still raping for god you’d think you could find some examples. Jews rape despite their religion, not directly commanded by it.”


But I guess I’m supposed to be impressed by his book being given a thumbs up review by General Flynn



So not….

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