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Swedish “Experts” find Allah and Ali in Viking burial cloth, say nothing about a swastika…….



What they’re trying to prove is that Islam has had a presence in Europe/Nordic area far longer than the current invasion. But this hardly proves a thing, the ancient Buddhist, Hindu, Jain symbol of the swastika is not being highlighted in the story at all. These ”scholars” are not saying that this ancient symbol of those belief systems just mentioned had any particular meaning to/influence on the vikings at all, just Islam. Why is that?


Were Vikings Muslim? New research finds ‘Allah’ woven into burial clothes Tom Herbert for



Fascinating new research has suggested Vikings could have been Muslim after archaeologists found the word ‘Allah’ woven into their burial clothes.


An investigation into funeral clothes which dates back to the ninth and 10th centuries have shed some new light on the relationship between the two worlds.


Experts found that patterns woven into garments excavated in Sweden spell the words ‘Allah’ and ‘Ali’, with the discovery raising questions about the influence of Islam on Scandinavia. Textile archaeologist Annika Larsson of Uppsala University told the BBC the material came from central Asia, Persia and China.


She said tiny geometric designs on the clothes were not Scandinavian patterns at all but instead ancient Arabic Kufic script.


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