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Finland: SDP and Greens MP’s submit bill to let anyone become President…….


The Finnish text reads:

“Red-Green bi-partisanship w/ Yanar Ozan in Parliament submitting my bill initiative #president The abolition of the origin of birth requirement #equality”

The requirement for birth in country has nothing to do with the issue of equality, but of fealty/loyalty towards your country of birth. Jackasses like these two MP’s, Pilvi Torsti (SDP = Marxist) and Yanar Ozan (immigrant, dual citizen of Turkey) couldn’t care less about that, they’re riding the cultural marxist horse of “equality”, and everything is under the cross hairs, even who can be president.


It’s so bigoted and unfair don’t you know? that foreigners can’t become president of a country that they weren’t even born in. That’s the mantra they’re bleating, it’s supposedly unfair, it’s not equality under the law, everyone, even someone who’s only been in the country for five or six years and just got their citizenship (even while maintaining the citizenship of their birth country, like Yanar Ozan) should be allowed to become President of Finland, the de facto Commander in Chief of the Finnish armed forces.


You see how absurd that thought is? The average Finn has more common sense than most of the reps in parliament put together, and would/will reject this initiative out of hand. I find it telling that these two politicians, one a SDP Marxist, and the other a Greens Marxist are working hand in hand in bringing this to the floor of parliament. It’s my opinion that the Turk immigrant now Finnish dual citizen Yanar Ozan shouldn’t have been allowed to become an MP at all, simply because he holds dual citizenship.


You can’t be a policy/law maker and be beholden to another country’s laws. Period. This is not about ”equality” or “symbolism” but about common sense, about the (great) possibility of a foreign national working on the behalf of a foreign power managing your armed forces. That these two morons actually dared to promote this on the floor of parliament should be enough for the people that voted for them to reject them come next elections, but don’t hold your breath.


Sleeper agent as president

The tabloid Iltasanomat reports on a squabble between two MPs about the proposal to change the citizenship requirement of the Finnish President. Last month Social Democrat Pilvi Torsti proposed that Finland’s constitution be modified to give all Finnish nationals the right to stand for election to the country’s highest office.


Currently, only Finland-born citizens are permitted to do so.


“Our legislation must not discriminate. Equality and opportunity belong to everybody”, Torsti said on Wednesday.


In contrast, Laura Huhtasaari of the Finns Party, herself a candidate in next year’s presidential election, said the constitutional change would open the door to “sleeper agents”, who may act in another nation’s interest. Huhtasaari also said that the citizenship rule, which also exists in the US and Estonia, is a tradition with a symbolic value.


However, Torsti retorted by saying that tradition is a poor argument for upholding the requirement, which has already been abolished for all other high offices in Finland, including that of the prime minister. If passed, the change in Constitution would become effective for the 2024 presidential election, the paper writes.



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