Finland Lefty Morons

Finland: Novice out of work author insists unemployment office a violation of his human rights, uses tactic to stay on public subsidies……..

I’m telling you, the welfare state produces some of the worst lowlifes imaginable…


I bet that there’s some law on the books keeping the parents of this loathsome sloth of a son from kicking him in the pants.


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Ossi Nyman does not work and says that the employment office is a violation of human rights – this is how the “ideologically unemployed” use tactics for society’s subsidies


Ossi Nyman from Helsinki does not go to work because he does not want to be forced into disgusting jobs. “Much of the work is useless,” says the novice writer.


“My whole adult life I have been fighting with the employment office to try and stay away from work, that I would get to do what I want, but I still should get the social benefits,” Ossi Nyman says. (PHOTO: MIKKO SUUTARINEN / HS )




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