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TheOldContinent: Swedish woman praises Islamic polygamy, says wife has no choice if she’s to keep a functioning house…….

The mind of the Left is a putrid mess of steaming goo…


You have to be incredibly ideologically bound (blinded) to come to a conclusion that is so diametrically juxtaposed to your own supposed values and mores. Just because the man comes from a different culture, treating women like chattel is somehow a noble and virtuous deed. The Leftist mantra that ”all cultures are equal” is easily debunked, no rational minded person advocates for the Soviet-Russian or Nazi-German” culture, that it was on par with the Allied West. Nor a list of the other horribles will help their cause, their is in fact a hierarchy in culture.


Watch. Swedish woman praises Islamic polygamy, before Migrant with 9 children’s first Wife says she has No Choice


On 9 October, Dutch website GeenStijl reported on a series named “Allah in Europe” commissioned by Dutch Public Broadcaster VPRO, presented as “providing necessary perspective and that all-important nuance in the debate about integration“, GeenStijl has selected a rather dreadful fragment, the entire documentary can be seen here.



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