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Breaking: France fears Iranian revolutionary guard, refuses to label it as a terror organization……

Truth be told, France, and much of Europe, Finland included, love doing business with the Islamonazi regime.


So when it comes to their bleating about being for human rights and the protection of the persecuted, their words are hollow, because when they could really show it, they fold like a cheap suit. Dhimmitude.



 OCTOBER 9, 2017 14:36

France said on Monday it was worried that designating Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) as a terrorist group could exacerbate tensions in the region, and appeared to urge Tehran to show restraint.

Iran’s foreign ministry promised on Monday to give a “crushing” response if the United States’ President Donald Trump designated the country’s most powerful security force as a terrorist organization, part of a broader US strategy on Iran.


“In the context of regional instability, France is vigilant on any actions that could exacerbate the current crises,” foreign ministry spokeswoman Agnes Romatet-Espagne told a daily briefing, when asked if Paris backed putting the IRGC on a terrorism list.


“With this in mind, regional states have a specific role to play and must show restraint and a sense of responsibility,” she said.


Trump is to unveil his strategy on how he wants to contain Tehran in the region next week and is expected to decertify a landmark 2015 international deal to curb Iran’s nuclear program, in a step that potentially could cause the accord to unravel.


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