Finnish Interior Minister throws up hands, we can’t turn asylum seekers away at the border, we’ve signed agreements…….

This is the problem with politicians who love to play by Queensbury rules while the other side wears brass knuckles…


The Finnish government is under no obligation to religiously implement/follow every international rule that places its own civil society at risk. Their duty is first to us, and then only, if possible, to follow outside agreements. Government exists at the behest of the governed to serve its needs (the civil society), not the other way around, but sadly, it’s the latter that’s happening.

Interior minister doubts The Center’s demand for quick repatriation: “No one can be sent back like that”


Interior Minister Paula Risikko (Kok.) Doubts the functionality of quick-repatriation demanded by the Center Party. She emphasizes to UusiSuomi (New Finland) that the asylum seeker can not just be turned around at the border.


The Center Party has detailed its asylum policy last week and recalled that the EU has provided for the Dublin Regulation so that the asylum application is handled in the country where the person first became an asylum seeker.


– If an asylum seeker comes to Finland from a safe country, he should normally be turned around at the border without delay, the Center Party details.


What does Coalition think about the policy, Paula Risikko?


-An asylum seeker can not be just turned around the border. If a person comes to seek asylum, he must be taken into an asylum process that has to go through. This is how we are bound in both in international agreements and in our own legislation, Risikko responds to UusiSuomi.





NOTE: Like I said in the above, Queensbury rules (for fools) while the other side sports brass knuckles. By default, the EU has reneged on its signed agreements (Dublin Agreement) and is forcing member states to take in Muslim settlers that have already entered a safe country. It’s entirely up to that country to defend its own borders from invasion, and if they allow such jackassery to continue, they must be forced to accept the consequences.

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  1. Now you know why we never heard about an other alien civilization .
    In evolution they reach the neoliberal state and they will get exterminated.

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