Finland Lefty Morons

Finnish director claims white heterosexual males have no right to live…….

Wille is having a hissy fit.

“A white heterosexual males have no right to existence. I’m just fucking angry at white heterosexual men, and I have the right to do. “

A genocidal maniac with gender dysphoria, and why isn’t he brought up on hate speech charges if the Orwellian Finnish big brother police are going to be consistent?


“A white hetero male does not have the right to exist,” says film director Wille Hyvönen, who directed a movie about making a new kind of Unknown Soldier


Wille Hyvönen, director of the Unknown Movie, says that all white heterosexuals must feel guilty, as this is the only way to make the world more equal


Wille Hyvönen , 30, walks in the upper floor of the Töölö library towards the couch. High-heeled shoes are coping.


He is sitting down and lifting his feet on top of each other. The skirt of the skirt is a little swinging. Then he says:


“I’m pretty angry.”






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