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Finland: Massive Muslim brawl in courtyard of prayer room in E.Helsinki, axes and golf clubs, police use pepper spray……..

No idea what caused the societal enrichers to turn on each other, but it must have been serious enough for them to bring out axes and golf clubs…


My guess, either mosque power struggle or Shiite/Sunni feuding.


Police: 60 people in Eastern Helsinki mass brawl – axes and golf clubs as weapons

Friday 6.10.2017 at 18.23

The police interrupted a massive massacre at Kontula.

One person was hospitalized following the mass brawl in Helsinki Kontula. The police say that five people have been arrested.


They are suspected of aggravated assault.


– A total of about 60 people took part in the fight, says Jorma Makkonen , Superintendent of the Helsinki police. Makkonen served as general director of the police operation.


According to Makkonen, the injured person taken to the hospital had a head wound. The police had no information on the others injured.


According to Makkonen, golf clubs and the axes were used in the brawl.


There is still no clarity about the motives.


The fight took place in the courtyard area of ​​the Islamic Prayer Room in Kontula Sirrikuja. There are several wholesale stores nearby.


On Friday, early in the morning, police investigation of events was at an early stage. According to Makkonen, the background and motives of the fight were not yet clear.


It was also unclear on Friday what nationalities of those who participated in the fighting were. According to Makkonen,it’s true that no native Finns were involved.


According to field director Pasi Hyyryläinen , it was also unclear whether the fight was in the yard or within the prayer room.


The police used pepper powder


In connection with the arrest of one person, the police used pepper spray, says Jussi Huhtela , superintendent, from the Helsinki police headquarters. According to Huhtela, the force used by the police in connection with the massacre was otherwise mild.


According to Huhtela, the police did not have to use projectiles. According to Huhtela, equipment had probably been taken from the police car but have not been used.


The fight began according to the police in the afternoon, a little after two. The police learned of the fight at 14.16. Numerous police patrols were sent to the site.

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  1. “There is still no clarity about the motives.” Maybe this could be the main contributing factor!
    Quran 2:216
    Fighting has been enjoined upon you while it is hateful to you. But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not.

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