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Canada: Somali Edmonton jihadi suspect faced US deportation in 2011…….

Crazy situation, and often repeated…..

Somali Edmonton suspect faced US deportation in 2011


A Somali-born refugee charged in connection with a weekend attack in Canada faced deportation in the US in 2011, say US immigration officials.


Abdulahi Hasan Sharif, 30, is accused of attempting to run down a police officer and pedestrians in Edmonton, Alberta, on Saturday.


Mr Sharif was briefly in detention in the US but released on an “order of supervision” in November 2011.


He claimed refugee status in Canada in 2012, which was granted.


In a statement, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Ice) said Mr Sharif was transferred into their custody in July 2011.


That September, a US immigration judge ordered him to be removed to Somalia.


Mr Sharif waived his right to appeal against the decision and was released from immigration detention.


In January 2012 he failed to appear for a scheduled meeting with Ice officials and they were unable to locate him.


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