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US must force UN to make refugee camps safe for Christians…….

You would think that that would be a top priority for the West, but since it’s in a post-Christianity phase, thanks to relentless Leftist attacks on the civil society and their policies that flow from those attacks, it’s not.


End The UN’s Christian Refugee Double Standard

One million Syrian Christians have fled their homes fearing death at the hands of Islamic extremists and the Iran-backed Assad regime since 2011. Christians across the Middle East regularly face persecution and violence for their faith. These hundreds of thousands of Christian families have fled to nearby countries which host large United Nations refugee camps. These camps which are in part funded by American tax dollars, are unsafe for Christian refugees. Christian families face violence at the hands of Islamic extremists within these camps and are unable to seek refuge there.


The Trump administration must force the United Nations to take all necessary steps to make these camps safe for Syrian Christians. These reforms vary from creating refugee camps specifically for the Christian population, cracking down on Islamic extremism in existing refugee camps, and setting up specific zones for Christians within each refugee camp guarded by United Nations peacekeepers.


Christians fled Syria in record numbers as one million individuals sought safety in nearby countries amid the bloody Syrian civil war. Families who escaped Syria faced a new problem once they arrived at United Nations refugee camps. Christians discovered that these refugee camps, which are generously funded by United States taxpayers, were not safe for them to settle.


Nowhere is this better seen than within the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan. Zaatari, the largest Syrian refugee camp in the Middle East, does not host a single Christian family of the approximately 80,000 residents. Christians are not technically barred from these camps, but they face persecution, violence, and death from Islamic extremists if they dare enter.


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