Sweden: Feminist supports Islamic patriarchy, says ploygamy ”enriches their lives”……..

Radical Feminism is a mental disease…


Like I’ve said before, the aim of same sex ‘marriage’ was never about a union between two people, but a foot-in-the-door attempt at multiple marriages. They will use anything in a means-justifies-the-ends move towards what they believe will be an eventuality. Whether it’s Islamic polygamy or Mormon, it doesn’t matter.

Feminist: “Why is it so terrible” that a Muslim man has three wives?

Published October 2, 2017 at 17.55

DOMESTIC. The feminist artist and writer Ulla Lundegård can not understand why it is so outrageous that Muslim men bring more wives when they come to Sweden.

“It may even be that they live a much more interesting life than many Swedish couples do after thirty years in the industry,” she writes in Expressen.


Ulla Lundegård’s comment in the article was to upset stewards after it became clear that Nacka buys homes in Saltsjöbaden for 14 million tax crowns for a Muslim man with three wives.


“Why do we place so much emphasis on the fact that this man has three wives? And why are you talking with disgust that the municipality has to get an apartment for all of these? You also have the right to live, right?” asks the 65-year-old feminist.


Lundegård states that she would not like to be married to three men herself:




She states, however, that we must not let our “prejudices and established tradition-bound norms” stand in the way of how enriching it may actually be for a Muslim man to have a whole set of wives.


“The children have three mothers with different qualities and ages that can penetrate when needed. They can even share their love for the man and live in the same house! It’s more than any of us can imagine.”



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