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Finland: Jussi Halla-aho demands the Finnish government to condemn the Spanish government for beating up peaceful Catalonian voters……..

Jussi is of course spot on and right over the target.


Finland declared its own independence 100 years ago from the nascent Soviet Union this coming December 6th, and should be the first in line in condemning what the Spanish government just did in Barcelona. My guess is, they’ll wait like lemmings for the EU to issue a statement before they open their mouths.

Beating up grannies is never a good PR move.
October 1, 2017 14:15

Halla-aho: The Finnish government should take a stand on Spain’s heavy handed measures against Catalonians


Spain has introduced harsh measures against the referendum on Catalonia’s independence. Finland should, in the opinion of the Finns Party, Jussi Halla-aho, clearly indicate that such a mode of governance is not part of today’s Europe.

–  On thee 100th anniversary Finland’s own unilateral and “unlawful” declaration of independence , the Finnish government should explicitly state that a European state is beating and shooting people who seek to promote peacefully and democratically the same, the legitimate goal – of national independence, Halla-aho proposed on his Facebook page.


– Is the EU a community of values ​​and principles, or is it a club whose membership gives the right to do anything within its boundaries?


Halla-aho believes that universal principles are more relevant than local laws.


– If not, why does the European Parliament annually award the Sakharov prizes to third-world people, for example condemned to be stoned in accordance with local laws?



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