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Daniel Greenfield: A fractured Civilization, the EU’s failed world government…….

If Europe’s nation states spent more time in securing individual liberty, safeguarding property rights and limiting the size and scope of their governments, instead of throwing themselves into the blender of the statist driven EU, they would much better off than they are today.

The European Union was born out of a rejection of nationalism that, as Thornton argues, was an irrational overreaction. And nationalism is making a comeback because it can offer Europeans what the European Union cannot. Nations offer meaningful representation, identity and interests. The European Union provides none of these. Ideological projects cannot substitute for nations.


The European Union’s failed world government.

Once upon a time, the Ottoman Empire was known as the “Sick Man of Europe”. These days the sick man of Europe is… Europe. Or rather the European Union.


The ambitious plan for a regional government that would incorporate the hopes for a future world government look shakier than ever. Brexit dealt a severe blow to the credibility of the EU. And rumblings remain of other countries preparing to follow the Brits out of the “Prison of Nations” and into free market freedom.


As the EU reaches its senescent sixty, the Freedom Center’s own Bruce Thornton has a new ebook, A Fractured Civilization: The European Union at Sixty.


Bruce Thornton has written frequently about the foibles of the EU and his latest ebook is a detailed examination of a failed system. Like the USSR, the EU was an ideological ambition that was always bound to shatter against the sharp rocks of reality.


Financial, economic, cultural and political tensions threaten the EU. Issues from the unequal fiscal status of member countries to the flood of Muslim migrants spreading through the EU shake the very ideals that it was founded upon. But those ideals never had more than a passing familiarity with the tensions of the real world.


As Thornton writes in, A Fractured Civilization, “Decades of crises large and small are seemingly propelling the E.U. and Europe in general toward the point where the stresses become unsustainable and lead to dissolution or a reconfiguration of the union. This “bold, far-sighted” experiment has been troubled from its birth, and the “European Dream,” as one champion has called it, may be nearing its last days.”


A Fractured Civilization examines the economic stresses of a union that is almost as business friendly as North Korea. As Thornton points out, “On the World Bank’s “ease of doing business” scale, with 1 awarded to economies that are the friendliest to business, the U.S. earns an 8, while the two largest economies in the E.U., Germany and France, rank 17 and 29 respectively. The E.U. as a whole ranks 30.”


And then there is the European Union’s shocking lack of… Europeans. Low birth rates are threatening the future of Europe as anything more than a new Turkey. “It takes an average of 2.1 children per woman just to replace a population; Europe’s average is1.55, and it’s that high in part because of more fecund immigrants.”


And then there is the lack of political representation and the unsustainable commitments to ideological projects such as environmentalism and open borders.

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  1. I personally feel the root cause or at least one of them, is we Europeans can no longer afford to have families, home and school our children to a good level ready to go out into the work force. Our societies have been dragged down for years by illiterates being brought in whose IQ’s are so low we have had to dumb down all our education. The cost of living is too high to provide a good standard of living, women are forced out to work, no longer, if they want to to be good wives and mother’s, feminists have made them feel like pariah’s. Now our tax burden for all these illiterate men dragged in from the middle east to rape our daughters is only going to make matters worse. Do the governments really believe these men will become decent men when they have been brainwashed from age three into an evil cult initiated by a madman from the 7th Century? If future generations have a higher standard of IQ it will down to our daughters! I am thank full my daughter is married as for grand children we have left the UK & Sweden 13 years ago.

    1. This generation of leader have the mastermind/genius complex, believing that they know all, and can fix all. They’re no different from the politburo of the defunct Soviet Union

  2. Re: vivienne Havalant-levijonhufvud
    Too late now, isn’t it? Europeans have been systematically brainwashed by liberalism into hating their own religion, common sense, culture, and skin. The result of decades of such brainwashing is a culture of moral relativism in which nothing is wrong unless the liberal elites say it’s wrong, and nothing is right if the same elites rail against it. Well, Europe, welcome to your deserved punishment. As you lay your bed, so you will lie in it.
    The US is also under similar liberal attack. This is why Trump won the last presidential election. His uncouth nature notwithstanding, voters were tired of the status quo foisted on us by modern-day liberalism, and so took the risk of voting him in. It appears liberals still haven’t learned from that; they are still trying to destroy the US.

    1. Dee, thank you for this, solid observation, I couldn’t agree more.

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