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Brian of London at Jihad Watch: Did Palestinian father of four murder Jews because of dysfunctional home life…….?

Brian of course nails it:

He wanted suicide: but suicide is forbidden in his society. However, death in glorious battle against the hated Jews is praised above all else! That’s not to say that non-Muslims don’t flip out and do evil deeds, but only in Islam is the evil act of murder inverted to become the highest achievement a person can aspire to. So high, in fact, that it cancels out all earlier transgressions and gives him (and his family) a direct pass to paradise.

Did a Palestinian father of four murder Jews because of his dysfunctional home life?

Yesterday, Nimer Mahmoud Ahmad Jamal, an Arab Palestinian father of four, left his kids at home and set off to murder some Jews and, he hoped, get killed while doing it. He succeeded at the entrance to Har Adar in both these personal goals, and he managed to give Palestinian Arabs two murdered Jews, a murdered Israeli Arab, and, of course, one “martyr” to celebrate. Which they did enthusiastically.


As I’ll show below, some, such as Times of Israel’s Avi Issacharoff, think personal issues of this man’s life can entirely explain what he did. I take a very different view, which I summed up in a tweet:



More here.

NOTE: On Brian’s Facebook timeline, a friend posted the following comment:

I spoke with a friend who lives in Har Adar. She told me that the other workers told the residents that this was a financial decision. The murderer was depressed and he did the math. His family will get a new house and a stipend from the PA because he killed Israelis. It’s just that simple. If he committed suicide, his family would get nothing. Killing Israelis assures his family an income.

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