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Sweden: Beachead burns in Örebro, suspect arrested…….

If it was an ethnic Swede neo-nazi who did the arson, it would be duly noted and in a continuous news loop.

This could be once again a case of Sunni-Shiite in fighting.

Mosque gutted in suspicious fire: Örebro, Sweden

An arrest has been made after a blaze raged through a mosque in central Sweden during the early hours of Tuesday.


Firefighters were called to the mosque in the Vivalla area of Örebro shortly after 2am on Tuesday. Five hours later they were still battling the flames, which threatened to consume large parts of the building.


“The situation right now is that parts of the building are still burning and we are hopeful that we will be able to save other parts of the building,” fire and rescue officer Ulf Jacobsen told the TT newswire at 6.30am.


One part of the building is described as completely destroyed, and the roof has caved in. In another part there are smoke and water damages, while a third part appears to have escaped the worst of the fire.


“We’re still having problems in the middle part,” said Jacobsen.


There are no reports of injuries.


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