Netherlands: Former VVD party member recalls having to behave like a robot…….

A long time ago I had a discussion with a professor in Helsinki about Bat Ye’or’s book Eurabia. I was told at the time that the book simply didn’t reflect the diverse makeup of the institution. Supposedly it simply wasn’t possible for so many people, and from so many countries with different interests and agendas could be so much in lock step unison of purpose.


Well, I knew that wasn’t true, anyone who has followed newly elected politicians going to congress or parliament, know for a fact that unless they’re incredibly principled and willing to suffer for those principles, they’ll be swallowed by the government institution they’re entering. It’s about a sub-culture in which one sinks or swims depending upon how willing they are to parrot party lines and slogans no matter how objectionable. True believers slip in the stream without missing a beat.


The list of so called conservative ‘Tea Party’ congressmen/women and senators who went over to the dark side is long. Pressure, and the shiny objects dangled before them proved to be too great a lure to resist.


So here is a story about a VVD party member who sheds light on how the rank and file of the party were forced into uniform conformity, so much so that they became ‘robotic’.


Former Parliamentarian: I had to behave like a Robot

Former liberal (VVD) parliamentarian Ybeltje Berckmoes has published a book in which she claims that the parliamentarians of her party had to behave like robots.


If one expresses one’s opinion which is not approved by the party one is not given any longer specific tasks. Then one can never speak in parliament and one loses visibility.


One way of keeping parliamentarians under control is promising them a position as a mayor of a town after their parliamentary career.


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