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Australia: Islamic school board member against schoolgirls wearing shorts, will be damned by Mohamed…….

Is this what you want in your countries?


Also, take note that it was Mohamed invoked by the board member, not allah. Never let a Muslim get away with the claim that they don’t worship Mohamed, when in fact they do, they just blot that fact out for religious expediency.


Schoolgirls who wear shorts are ‘cursed’: Muslim leader says ‘girls who imitate boys’ are damned by the Prophet Mohammed

The Muslim community leader is campaigning against plans to allow schoolgirls to wear shorts

  • Islamic school board member Almir Colan is against schoolgirls wearing shorts
  • He said women who imitated men would be cured by The Prophet Mohammed
  • He is concerned about gay marriage leading to wider rollout of Safe Schools


A Muslim school leader says girls who wear shorts will be cursed by the Prophet Mohammed.


Almir Colan, a board member of Melbourne’s Garden College Islamic school, has railed against the Victorian government’s plan to allow girls to wear shorts in all state schools.


In a Facebook post, that has since been deleted, he used a religious justification to oppose this new policy, the Herald Sun reported.


‘It is part of nature of man and women to be different and to have unique characteristics, even in the way they dress,’ he said.

‘The Prophet cursed men who imitate women and women who imitate men.’


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