Denmark: One of every five children born have foreign roots…….

No country can survive such numbers and maintain its own culture and civil society…


More than every fifth newborn has foreign roots


In 10 years, the number of newborns with foreign roots has increased from 13.5 to 21.6 per cent.

The news is from March , but I have fallen over it now and it does not seem that these relatively new numbers have gained the attention they deserve.


Our society already has major challenges, and integration has not succeeded. Development has even gone the wrong direction, and today the terrorist threat is part of the integration challenges.


Racialism is not about it, but as society we must set more boundaries and really relate to the cultural reality and also the religious dimension of our challenges.


After Danish women there are women with Syrian and Turkish backgrounds, who in 2016 have born the most children in Denmark.


All apologists must stop what they are doing, and in fact, it would be appropriate to apologize for ignoring, apologizing or even defending the forces in our society that has resisted us.


There are limits to what we can stand model in, both in Denmark and in other western countries, and if right and left politicians are not allowed to tear off Western democracies in the middle, the political center in the West must wake up and take care of yourself and his responsibility seriously.


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