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Excellent piece by Daniel Greenfield: Break Up the NFL’s Corrupt Dem Monopoly…….

I’d like to place my size 9 to their backsides…


This #Takeaknee farce has gone on long enough, the fans will retaliate as they should, you can’t take a dump on the American flag and get away with it, the day of recompense draws near. This is just another attack on the culture of the country, President Trump, in his own way, has laid it bare for all to see.

And it’s no wonder that the NFL stands behind its thugs. If a team can shrug at a 6’4 man beating a woman, what’s a little anti-American tantrum by a prize property that makes them millions of dollars?


Why it’s high time for the NFL to take a knee.

An Army recruit starts off with a salary under $20,000. Thousands of active duty military personnel are on food stamps. Millions of veterans rely on them to feed their families and themselves.


That’s how we treat the best of us. Here’s how we treat the worst of us.


An NFL rookie’s minimum salary is $465,000. And the majority of NFL players are usually bankrupt a few years after retirement because they blew through most of their money. Dozens of NFL players are arrested every year on charges ranging from murder to rape to animal abuse.


2017 was a banner year for the NFL with three times as many arrests as last year.


More here.


NOTE: Some perspective:



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