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Netherlands: Finally: Stricter access to air base after arrest of jihadist…….

Yeah, every time I see Muslims working security, a chill runs down my spine whether it’s warranted or not.


A F-16 at Volkel Air Base

Finally: Stricter access to air base after arrest of jihadist


Four months ago, a 19 year old jihadist was arrested at the Volkel Air Force Base where he was employed. Now the Ministry of Defense has decided that everyone who has to work on a military base must first present a police declaration of good behavior.



“In May a 19-year-old man, previously convicted of trying to travel to Syria to join a terrorist organization, was arrested at Volkel. He was hired through a temp agency to help in excavation work on the base. At the time, the proper procedures weren’t followed and he was granted access to the barracks area. There were  on the base. “

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