German elections: Afd wins big, Schmerkel loses seats, Marxist SDP fails under Schultz…….

Marxists fail in every respect, whether in government or out, their ideology is that toxic and miserable.


Merkel: 177 Deputies, Previous election result: 253. Socialist Democrats: 138 Deputies, Previous: 193.  AfD: 88 Deputies, Previous: 0


AFD election’s big winner

Published September 24, 2017 at 21.34

DOMESTIC. The big winner in today’s German elections is immigration-critical AFD, which becomes the third largest party with 13 percent of the votes behind it.


Merkel’s two parties CDU and CSU received 32.5 percent together, while SPD, which is part of Merkel’s government today, made a 20 percent disaster choice. Despite the fact that the parties together have a majority in the Chamber, SPD, which is German Social Democrats, will not be ruling with Merkel, is announced today.


Immigration-critical AFD achieved a significantly better result than the polls showed and landed at 13.5 percent.


Left Extreme Gröna receives 9.5 percent and Die Linke 9 percent.


Merkel and SPD challenger Martin Schultz now accuse each other of contributing to AFD’s successes. Schultz says, among other things, that Merkel by avoiding debating before the election has created a “vacuum” favoring AFD.

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