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Raheem Kassam: UK PM MAY plans to blamne Trump for Brexit, Tories need to remove her now…….

This is the subversion of self rule and representative government.

These politicians need to be served their eviction papers, listen to us, or you’re out.

KASSAM: How May Plans to Blame Trump for Brexit’s Failure, and Why the Tory Party Needs to Remove Her NOW

Theresa May’s Brexit betrayal this week was just the tip of the iceberg. For people like me who have been confident of the UK leaving the European Union (EU), it is the first time we have felt genuine trepidation that the whole thing won’t happen at all.


If this is the first time, how do I know it’s just the start of a wider attempt to stop Brexit? It’s pretty easy to identify this chicanery because the Prime Minister played so many bad hands this week.


Look at the way she treated President Trump at the United Nations.


Instead of using her speech to promote Britain in the world, she used it to attack President Trump on immigration and refugees, as well as harping on about climate change deals and a long-deceased Pakistani prime minister. Not a single mention of the word “Brexit”.


This revealed to me what she truly hopes will happen. I spoke with diplomats, professors, and Conservative Party operatives in the wake of it. Some agreed, while others didn’t want to agree (but did in the end) that Mrs. May will use the United States and President Trump as a cudgel by which to break Brexit.


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