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GoFundME protects sharia Islamonazi supremacists from Glazov Gang anti-sharia tour…….

So that’s who they’re siding with….

GoFundMe Removes Account of Woman Fundraising Anti-Sharia Tour, Conservative Web Show

GoFundMe has reportedly removed the account of the Glazov Gang, who were raising funds for an anti-Sharia law tour and their conservative web show.


According to a blog post made by The Glazov Gang, GoFundMe “suspended The Glazov Gang campaign without any notice or explanation, nor have they responded to any queries.”


“This conduct by GoFundMe is part of its larger effort to shut down the efforts of Anni Cyrus, the producer of The Glazov Gang,” they continued, adding, “Recently, also with no notice or explanation, GoFundMe deleted Anni’s entire account while she was raising funds for her anti-Sharia tour — wiping out all of her donor history and four open campaigns, one of which was The Glazov Gang campaign.”


“This development is part of a current onslaught by companies who are closing their platforms to those who dissent from the Left’s totalitarian worldview,” the web show concluded. “Freedom of speech and conscience are being annihilated each passing day right before our eyes.”


Cyrus also confirmed that GoFundMe had removed her account in a post on Facebook, where she has over 20,000 followers.


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