Gatestone: EU, Delusions without Borders…….

They really do think that they can manage it all…


Severe societal dislocation and the stress it creates, millions of unassimilable Muslim migrants all are just mere details for these geniuses and masterminds.



  • Many migrants simply refused to leave, disappeared, or their home countries refused to receive them.
  • The European Commission published a “report card” on the EU member states’ “progress” in taking the allocated quotas of migrants. Even Sweden, on the brink of societal collapse from the influx of migrants, was told that it was only “close” to reaching its quota.
  • ISIS apparently has at its disposal some 11,000 stolen blank Syrian passports that it could put to use in order to smuggle its terrorists into Europe under fake identities; at the same time, more European ISIS fighters are expected to return to Europe. Why does the EU want to make it easy for them?

On September 13, the President of the European Commission, the executive arm of the European Union, Jean Claude Juncker gave his State of the Union Address to the European Parliament, saying:

“Last year… Europe was battered and bruised by a year that shook our very foundation. We only had two choices. Either come together around a positive European agenda or each retreat into our own corners… I argued for unity. I proposed a positive agenda to help create … a Europe that protects, empowers and defends… Over the past twelve months, the European Parliament has helped bring this agenda to life. We continue to make progress with each passing day… In the last year, we saw all 27 leaders… renew their vows… to our Union. All of this leads me to believe: the wind is back in Europe’s sails.”

Most EU citizens probably wondered what EU Juncker was talking about. The EU Juncker inhabits does not appear to be the same one most Europeans live in.


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  1. If not for Orban’s border closing of Hungary, EU would have been destroyed last year .
    Now brussels and germany try to say it was their policy what reduced the immigration,

    1. Great observation, it was exactly that. The Orban defense of Hungary that kept the horde from advancing further.

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