Finland Kurds

Finnish FM underlines Iraqi sovereignty, meaning he doesn’t support independence for the Kurds…….

The Finns know what it’s like to be under the boot heel of an imperial power (both Russia and Sweden), so why the back-stab?


Back channels tell me that a certain ME state has had success in formulating Kurdish policy in Helsinki.


FM meets the Finnish foreign minister on the sidelines of the general assembly meetings.

 23rd September, 2017 4:47 AM

Foreign minister dr. Ibrahim Al-Jaafari met the Finnish foreign minister Mr. Timo Soini on the sidelines of the general assembly of the UN meetings in its session 71 in New York.


During the meeting, they discussed the political and security developments in Iraq and the bilateral relations and the prospects of developing it to serve the interests of both friendly peoples.


For his part, Mr. Timo Soini congratulated Iraq with the victory it achieved by the expulsion of the terrorist gangs from the areas it controlled, noting that his country is aware that the liberation operations required a lot of sacrifices and efforts. He stressed: We respect the unity and sovereignty of Iraq.


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