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UK: Third arrest in London subway Bucket Bomb attack…….

Keep rounding them up, and more importantly, further investigating the mosques of the UK for more…


Parsons Green: Third arrest over bucket bomb attack as ‘painter-decorator’ is detained in Wales

Athird man has been arrested in connection with the Parsons Green terror attack, Scotland Yard said.


The 25-year-old, reported to be a painter-decorator, was held in a counter-terrorism raid in Newport, South Wales, shortly after 7pm on Tuesday.


Witnesses to the arrest described officers “jumping” a man who was put into a police car and driven away.


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  1. Total of six now and it’s beginning to look as if all are ‘refugees/asylum seekers’ of one flavour or the other and some if not all are linked through the ‘foster parents’, Mr. & Mrs. Jones, in Surrey, Hounslow and whatever other buy-to-lets they may have been running.

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